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C-Quartz Nano ceramic coating is the latest adaptation of the original Quartz-based coating that put the advances of Nanotechnology in the hands of detailing enthusiasts, CarPro C-Quartz remains at the cutting edge of automotive protection technology with constant advances and improvements throughout the years. C-Quartz bonds to paint, glass, metal, and plastic at a molecular level, effectively becoming a functional element of the vehicle’s surface. This coating’s hard hydrophobic, glass-like finish helps to protect your vehicle from weathering, UV-damage, industrial and organic fallout, acids, alkalines, light wash-marring and abrasion for up to 2-years whilst making it easier to clean than ever before. If you find maintaining your vehicle’s beauty a challenge, it’s time to experience the C-Quartz legend for yourself...



Kit Includes:

  • (1) 30ml bottle of C-Quartz
  • (1) Applicator Block
  • (5) 4" Microfiber Suede Applicators
  • Reflective Hologram C-Quartz stickers


  • Paint
  • Wheels
  • Chrome
  • Metals
  • Plastics


  • Apply in shade only and not on hot surfaces
  • After polishing your vehicle use CarPro Eraser to wipe down the surface to ensure no oils are left from polishing
  • Wrap a Micro Fiber Suede (included) around the applicator block (also included)
  • Wrap Suede over the gray side of the foam applicator block.
  • Shake C-Quartz well and apply a few drops to the applicator
  • Drag one or two lines of product down the applicator.
  • Wipe access surface in a crisscross pattern. Add more product as needed.
  • Wait between 1-5 minutes depending on temps, humidity, and paint and find the right window to wipe when you’re doing your first panel. Generally in summer temps 2-3 min. Too soon and it will just be oily and no grab to it when wiping. Too late and it becomes hard to remove.
  • Additional coats may be applied with 45-60 minutes or wait until the following day if you are beyond 60 minutes. CarPro recommends 2 coats

After Tips:

  • Keep surface dry for at least one hour after application
  • Wipe any water off the surface during the first 24 hours after application
  • Avoid washing with any soaps for the first 5-7 days


  • Do not apply in direct sun or on the hot surface
  • Do not re-use 4" Suede applicators after 1 vehicle
  • Do not re-use the towels you used to buff off with unless you immediately toss them in a bucket of APC after use to avoid glass crystals forming on them
  • Wear hand protection (disposable gloves)
  • We always recommend using proper respiratory protection when using chemicals.