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CeriGlass represents a cutting-edge solution to glass correction with a blend of Ceramic abrasives. Cerium Oxide, and Nanotechnology ingredients. Replacing the messy glass polishing powders of old.

CeriGlass glass correction compound solely removes severe water spots and light scratches without surface distortion ensuring perfect clarity of vision and maximum driving safety Can also be used on Plexiglass Metal, and Chrome.




  • Extremely effective with rotary removing swirls, light scratches, and sometimes tiny pits
  • Effective with Dual Action machine for water spots and fine shallow swirls
  • Hand Rayon polishing block allows simple removal of mild water spots
  • Removes scratches from windshield wipers/sand grit
  • Does not distort glass like traditional cerium oxide compounds


  • Cover the vehicle surfaces and trim around the glass
  • Shake well
  • Apply a small amount on the glass polish pad
  • Work thoroughly on the glass surface one section at a time in overlapping motions.
  • When the product starts to dry, apply a spritz of water to the pad to extend the life of the polish
  • Repeat as needed. If necessary finish with a stiff foam pad.
  • Clean surface thoroughly when complete
  • For protection: Wipe down with Eraser and then coat with Flyby30


  • Not for use on exterior window tint film, painted or coated glass
  • Avoid trim - product will stain black trim
  • Avoid paint - Cover or tape off, or wash directly after